Odessa Christian Faith Center Letter

Odessa Christian Faith Center
July 25, 2005
Letter of Reference

Dale Alexander is one of the most important people I know when it comes to helping with achieve my goals in worshipping God with excellence. As a discriminating musician, I┬áhave a Bachelor’s degree from Julliard and a Master’s degree from Eastman, and having been involved in full-time music ministry for seventeen years with contemporary styles in worship and praise, I have come to rely heavily upon the knowledge, servant-hood and skill of Dale. He has kept our church from making serious mistakes in design and implementation of acoustics, sound, lighting and video saving us thousands of dollars over the years. I am completely satisfied with everything Dale has helped us with, always confident that what he says will work.

Will all sincerity, Dale is one of the finest people I know. His knowledge is rich, his integrity unquestionable, and his Christ-like attitude to help and benefit the Church is inspiring to me.

I strongly encourage anyone who expects excellence from the ministry product they produce week after week to let Dale give them the tools they need and deserve to achieve that excellence.

Thanks to Dale, my musical and ministerial dreams have been realized, instead of becoming nightmares!

Lowell Hohstadt

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