Creative Technologies Consulting is an acoustical and technical systems consulting firm providing services in the following disciplines;

* Room Design Assistance

* Room Acoustics

* Sound Isolation

* Noise and Vibration Control

* Sound System Design

* Multimedia Projection Design

* Audio & Video Production Facility

* Performance Lighting System Design

* Information Transport System Design

* Electronic Security Systems Design

At Ctc we strive to assist the client in discovering the projects functional requirements in acoustics and performance/presentation technologies. Ctc will develop specific solutions to facilitate those requirements and deliver cost effective designs that implement those solutions.

Ctc works closely with their clients and architects to develop designs that not only meet the functional acoustics and technology requirements but also maintain the highest architectural integrity of the project.

Ctc’s commitment does not stop with the design but they stay involved with the project through the construction and commissioning process.

Creative Technologies Consulting Service Overview

For a successful project you need the architecture design and sound system selection to provide intelligible speech, quality music and sharp un-obstructed visual images to everyone in the room. We work with your Architects & Engineers from conception to the ribbon cutting ceremony of your new or renovated facility to provide Acoustical, Sound Reinforcement, Multi-media & Performance Lighting Systems that accomplish these goals.

“Our ultimate goal is to help our clients provide the best, most satisfying experience possible for their patrons.”